Hands & Feet


Beautiful and neat hands: Use your imagination and dare to try different colors and shapes that will lift your mood and your femininity! We take care of the shape, we treat the cuticles, we enforce the length with gel, acrylic or tips and we make manicure last longer with semi-permanent nail polish. We are happy to propose the latest trends at nails, and moreover we encourage you to choose things that you have imagined. We will make your imagination come real! Neat, clean and soft hands will contribute to your bright image after your visit at Golden Life!

Simple Manicure

Half-permanent manicure

Artificial nails

Strengthening Gel

Hand and foot treatment with paraffin

Beautiful and healthy feet: For those of you who wish to have beautiful, well treated and soft feet and those of you who suffer problems with fungus, callus, tired feet or bad smell, the girls of Golden Life have the solution! Apart from our specialized knowledge of aesthetics and pedicure, our collaborators are trained podologists, capable to deal with whatever troubles your feet. You will be relieved from pains and swellings in an environment that respects all the rules of hygiene. Our best-trained staff, with the years of experience, will see to all the problems you face.

Simple Penticure

Penticure with half-permanent

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