Local and Total Slimming

“I want to lose 5 kilos”, “I must get rid of the overweight from the belly”, “I need to get thinner so as to feel more comfortable with my new bikini”, “I have to do something so as to fit back to my favorite jeans”. The truth is that most of the women have made similar thoughts at some time of their lives.
You do not need to be disappointed neither to feel uncomfortable with your body. Each body has its own beauty, that’s why you must love your own and take good care of it to reach its best condition and image. At Golden Life Studio we offer you services of losing weight, focused on local fat or specific spots, like legs, belly and arms. With our special equipment you will for sure get rid of the extra weight that bothers you, without pain and disappointment. With the use of modern techniques like CRYOLIPO, we deal efficiently with local fat, the ‘orange husk sight’ disappears and your silhouette gets thinner. Like this, you are going to achieve your target easier than you have imagined!




Tight and toned body

There is no woman that does not wish for a nice and healthy body! At Golden Life we invest continuously at brand new equipment and at the most reliable, according to international standards methods, that guarantees impressive results at the framework of a balanced nutrition. At a very modern and hospitable environment our beauty experts will direct and advise you according to your special needs and wishes. You just book a consulting session with our beauticians, and considering your body type, your age, your goal, they will recommend you the treatment that best suites you. We offer a personalized beauty plan that can be offered for you exclusively from Spa Golden Life.
As a next step, what is required from you, is to be punctual at the recurring treatments, have correct nutrition habits and do a lot of water consumption. For the rest, try the specialized equipment of Cryolipolisis, radiofrequencies (RF), Cavitation and many others. Our programs aim to bring results at the area that we wish to tighten either are nates, belly, legs, arms, body areas that are difficult to tone even with hard work out. Body ‘sculpture’ is not so easy and for sure needs a lot of effort! Though, with correct planning, effort and excellent results from the first session, your motivation and self-confidence will reach their limits! So, just trust the experts of Golden Life, following the plan and gain the body that you have always dreamed of!

RF (radio frequencies)

Ultratone (passive body exersice)

Fighting Cellulitis

Lymphatic-therapy massage

Sea herapy

Well-being and Relaxing

The treatments of well-being and relaxing that we offer, promise to satisfy every preference that you have and give you an incomparable experience, that for sure you will remember! Most of Golden Life friends usually chose treatment combinations, like body masks with ethereal oils, peeling, hammam, hydro-massage and color-therapy. «Cleopatra’s Mask», Sea-Therapy, Chocolate-therapy and Grape-Therapy are just some of them.
A unique relaxing experience is waiting for you… The only thing that you have to do is leave yourselves at the expert hands of our beauticians, enjoy a relaxing massage, feel the well-being that the oils produce, close your eyes and let the music to take you to a journey, forgetting everything that troubles you. Big workload worries and obligations can at last be left outside!

Relaxing / Swedish massage

Cleopatra’s Mask

Body Peeling


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