A totally safe and certified method for reducing local fat. The system of Cavitation of CRYOLIPO is ultrasonic (ultrasound) of low frequency 40KHz, that exploits the “cave” phenomenon for:

The ultrasounds of low frequency make with their action the phenomenon of ‘cave’, creating micro – bubbles that increase in quantity progressively and at continuation explode «breaking» the membrane of lipo-cells. The controlled release of triglyceride is totally painless for the body, since part of them are getting metabolized through the natural systems of metabolism of our organism and specifically the liver, and part of them are removed through the natural method of expulsion.

Cost: 30 ~ 50 €
Duration: 20 ~ 40 minutes

Advantages of Cavitation:

The ultrasound energy of Cavitation is the unique method in the world, certified by medical research that proves its effectiveness and safety. Medical research with the use of ultrasounds, blood tests and neuro-physio researches contributed to the definition of parameters so as to achieve greater results at containing persistent local fat and cellulite that do not retreat with physical exercise and controlled nutrition. The action of ultrasound Cavitation with low frequency must be followed the treatment of lymphatic massage, that helps the shunt of fat burning products and the extinction of over quantity of fluids.

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